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With the Leo native , they can form a couple just like at Hollywood, they will shine and they will love each other like in stories. With the Sagittarius, the Libra native will have a balanced house, based on justice and fairness. In January, professional relationships can cause problems, and some can even break. Although unpleasant, the relational stress can be the factor that prompts to finding new, progressive solutions. In a transit that gets manifested especially in March, Mercury in Pisces amplifies the focus on work and career starting from March Gifted with more practical sense and competitive spirit than usual, you have chances to succeed in concretizing the professional goals.

As the weather gets warmer, their accounts might become richer. It is good to know that from October, not everything will be as bright.

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A healthy fantasy life is important, and who can control what their unconscious mind washes up? Channel your energy properly to get the best rewards in your life this year. Of course, you don't have to dwell on this stuff all the time. While outwardly thoughtful, shy, righteous, and sweet, they plot to undermine people and institutions, hiding barely their lust for sex and money. Need some lotto number suggestions Pisces. While a snake cast off its skin, it is regarded as a symbolic representation of regeneration, transformation, and recovery. The Pisces Moon lights up our compassionate instincts - for the water signs, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer it's an absolute flood of compassion, in fact.

You s risk to lose a great amount of money or, simply, you will stop making money so easily. This is why, if they make smart investments, they will have money all year round. Similarly, if they save, they will have money for the entire year. If not, the end of is not going to be a good one for the Libra natives from a financial point of view. Once Uranus enters the Taurus in August , new opportunities will appear , whether to hold a position they aspired over the years or to find a job abroad.

Regarding money, again, you will enjoy a favourable period: their earnings are again on the rise, the spending is under control, so the total balance will be positive. It gives them vitality and confidence, it highlights their qualities, making you to be appreciated and admired. In July, you will invest the better part of their energy in their career and will be quite busy dealing with all the occurring opportunities and occasions. Started during the summer of the previous year, the journey of Jupiter through the house of Libra also continues in the first half the year.

The doors to success are open and the chances of advancement, expansion, and prestige may occur anytime. Saturn helps to focus and to elaborate strategies. Therefore, the path to success is open this year! In , you will have opportunities at every step, they will only need to know how to take advantage of them.

Jupiter continues its journey that started in June in the house of career and will bring luck and prosperity in this area. We are referring to promotions and merits from the colleagues and especially from the superiors. You will be the center of attention and things are going great.

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The first trimester of will be marked by fatigue and a poor state of health, indispositions, and hypersensitivities. However, once the period has passed, after taking a break to recover your energy, you will enter on an ascending slope. You will need to revitalize your mental state because many affections are caused by a major mental discomfort.

If you manage to detach yourself a bit from the unpleasant aspects of your professional activity and life in general, all those somatic manifestations that keep bothering you will disappear — especially the digestive ones. The sensitive areas are the lower back and the kidneys. They need to get used to physical activity and to quit idleness. Being governed by Venus, these natives might be gourmands, thus exposed to culinary excess. Therefore, a good idea would be to learn how to be more moderate. Drinking a lot of water is imperative. Therapies with essential rose oil or jasmine oil aromatherapy , but also taking additional potassium supplements can be very beneficial.

The health state is satisfactory, except for some minor issues, for which they will find effective remedies. Starting from the second trimester, nothing seems to satisfy them. Your cardinal governing element is Earth. It coordinates closely with Air, Fire, and Water to add value to your daily experiences.

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For this reason, you are more practical and more self-confident than most other people are. September 16 zodiac people are on the Virgo-Libra Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Beauty. The planets Mercury and Venus rule supreme over this cusp. Mercury is in charge of Virgo, while Venus rules over Libra.

You have certain distinct advantages over most other Cuspers. You have the blessings of both an Earth sign Virgo and an Air sign Libra. As such, you exude a lot of charm and wit. You and your fellow Cuspers are very persuasive. You are determined as well as charismatic. The combination of these qualities adds a phenomenal impact on your personality. You have a keen understanding of what motivates people. It is no wonder, then, that you are a magnet for many admirers.

The Cusp of Beauty has given you a measure of control when it comes to your money matters. You pay the smaller investment details that most other people overlook. In time, this will earn you some very handsome returns. Your astrological chart indicates that your health is good. However, watch out for possible infections in your abdomen, spine, and nerves.

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Being a Virgo, you are susceptible to injuries in these parts of your body. September 16 zodiac lovers place a high premium on loyalty when it comes to matters of love. You believe that there can never be quality love without trust and reliability. These two qualities contribute to the stability of your relationships.

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As such, you are willing to sacrifice many other things in order to uphold them. For this reason, your relationships tend to be long-lasting and fulfilling. Granted, we are not likely to find you amongst the party lovers and the adventurous. You are not into that kind of lifestyle. However, you more than compensate for this with your faithfulness and commitment to the relationship.

January 16 Birthday Astrology

You have a soft spot for dependable, energetic, and trustworthy partners. You operate from the same emotional level with these individuals. As such, it is easy for you to offer them guidance and support in life. The more laid-back Virgo tends to be reserved, gentle, and shy. You find it hard to fight for the love of your partner. You would rather suffer from unreciprocated love than suffer the humiliation of a rejection. However, the fact that you are friendly and peaceable works in your favor most of the times. Yours is not a common personality.

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As such, you have your fair share of private and public admirers. On the other hand, the more active Virgo follows a different script.

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You tend to fall in love from an early age. This means that you will experience many interactions in the course of your life. This lifestyle has some sort of allure to it. However, it is wrought with pitfalls. For example, you will suffer much heartbreak in the course of shifting romantic allegiances. With this in mind, ensure to take the right measure to cushion yourself and your partners. This is a partner born amongst the Pisces, Taurus, and Capricorn. You have much in common with these individuals. This means that you are highly compatible. The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with a Leo.

You do not operate from the same emotional platform with these natives.

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This means that your relationship would not work out. We strongly advise against it! September 16 zodiac people are very careful in their dealings. You are meticulous in the planning and execution of activities. In addition, you are highly opinionated. You enjoy sharing your thoughts regarding the topical issues of the day. The fact that you are sincere has won you many admirers.

People trust your word, for they know you are without bias. You are a hardworking person. Your focus is to achieve your goals with as little fuss as possible. Of course, you are more than willing to pay the price to achieve this.