Cancer horoscope means


Basically, it's prime time for some emotional flip-flopping. First, the good stuff: Cancer season has a heavy focus on surrounding yourself with loved ones. Suddenly, you might have a craving for an old-school trip to the lake with your fam or a special night with just the girls.

Whatever it is, spending time with the people you love will help you feel blissed-out and recharge your batteries.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Still, since this is an emotional time, some pretty intense stuff can follow those warm and fuzzy feels. Unfortunately, Page says this can seep into all areas of your life—relationships, career, living situation, etc.

What's the Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign?

Deep breaths, y'all. These feelings shower down for everyone, but Page says Cancer, Gemini, and Capricorn will feel this season the strongest. It kinda depends on how you react to the urges you have during Cancer season.

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More than anything else, it's an awesome time to tighten your bonds with the people you love and wrap yourself in all the warm-fuzzy feelings that come with that. By putting in the werk, you can actually come out the other side a better, more fulfilled person.

Why not go for it with everything ya got? Next up is Leo season, which kicks off on July That can make you feel fiery, and more than a few diva moments might crop up.

Until then, spend some time reveling in the QT spent with your family and friends. Water is a formless element on its own, and that's why those with this sign are so quickly shaped by their relationships to others.

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They need time alone to remember where they end and others begin. And to let what's been stirred up by life find its way to a quiet calm again. These are people who need people, but also need the restoring space of solitude.

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Water signs can soften Earth and take them into the deeper emotional layers of intimacy. This brings touchy and feely together for a satisfying physical relationship in romance. Earth signs can help water with the practical challenges of life, and encourage them to bring their gifts into the real world through some tangible effort.

Water and fire signs can be one steamy combination under the right circumstances. Water can add emotional nuance to Fire's instinctual responses, and help Fire learn things like tact, compassion and how to nurture.

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Fire can blaze a trail of Water out of the swampy abyss of inaction. Their vitality and enthusiasm lift Water up, so they can find their way. Like with any element, there's a danger here of mutual harm if things are not in balance. Fire can dry up Water, and make them feel brittle and undernourished.

Water can smother Fire, put out the flames of inspiration, which usually sends them right out the door. Water can help the air sign make the deeper emotional connection.

Cancer Season Is Here To Make You All Kinds Of Emotional

Water inspires Air to create a stronger personal base for what they're saying, by meaning what they say. Air signs help Water put their feelings into words, and understand the patterns at play in their lives. Air encourages the insights of Water and can be a motivating force for creative expression. Here is a pair that can dive together into the deep end, for better and worse. They'll understand the need of the other for "me" time to process all they've experienced.

But two water signs can easily merge and lose their sense of boundaries. This might not always be a bad thing, but at times it might feel like two people at the mercy of the emotional highs and lows of life. With balancing elements, this can be an incredibly close bond, to the point of being telepathic.